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Printed Books? or Digital PDF? Let's talk.

The Choice is Yours

Printed Books are Available Directly from me.

I get it. There's something nice about a printed book in your hands. You can mark it up, store it on a shelf, take it with you on a trip! Right now, Fold This Box volume 1 and 2 are available in print form. 

Digital PDF

Get any of my books in digital form (PDF) and enjoy a discount plus access to videos, bonus diagrams and more. Make your choice below and you'll have (almost) immediate access. Just confirm your email account and enter a password. Come back any time for more content as it becomes available.  

Unlock the Magical World of Origami Boxes

Craftsmanship Meets Elegance! Dive deep into a transformative journey where paper becomes more than just a sheet; it becomes a vessel of beauty and function. Whether you're a seasoned folder or a curious novice, explore unique, single-sheet designs that turn the traditional art of origami into a modern masterpiece.

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